The original hospices were places of refuge and respite on the Pilgrim ways. The term was not always associated with palliative and end of life care. We have a vision at the heart of everything we do and that vision is called Earth Hospice, so what is it? 

If the Sacred Circle community development and learning courses are the waveform then the Earth Hospice is the particle. We have a vision that every community has an Earth Hospice at its heart. 

Earth Hospice is a non-medical, secular, earthy space where people can come to find refuge, respite and rest. Maybe people will come on retreat there for R&R and maybe people will come there to die, maybe people will be born there and all of life inbetween. We would grow our own food and share meals with the local community. 

We see natural burial sites and barrow mounds for ashes. We see a circular ceremonial space and community gatherings. We envisage acting as a hub for mutual aide of the sick and the dying in their own homes and working with the wider community to care for the dying and the dead at the heart and hearth of community life. 

As a Community Interest Company we are committed to making a profit! We will never wish to be grant dependent in order to remain free in our vision so we run this social enterprise as a serious business because what profits we make, by law as a CIC, must be reinvested back into assets for community benefit. This is how we will fund Earth Hospice, through our community and educational courses and services. 

By being self supporting financially we will also remain independent and sustainable. 

Thousands of people worldwide have already shared in our vision and pledged to be part of the revolution. A revolution not just in community death care but in how we live, work and play together at a time of great change globally. 

It is no coincidence that the term Earth Hospice also suggests that we are aware that at this time of the Great Turning (as Joanna Macy calls it) we are being called upon to hospice our institutions and systems of care and education. Indeed we are also needing to hospice our ecosystem and civilisation as we know it. 

So Earth Hospice is a concept that serves personally, collectively and systemically and we believe they are so essential at this time that their emergence into material reality is not only imminent but also inevitable. 

Will you join us? 

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