Grief Circle Gateshead Central Library Thursday 2nd March 2023 6 - 8 pm Tickets £2 book via eventbrite

Upcoming Grief Circle (Beth Coverdale)

Feb 13, 2023
This message from Beth Coverdale, a member of the End of Life Doula Community who is offering a Grief Circle in Gateshead on 2nd March 
"We have another grief circle coming up at Gateshead Central Library, 6-8pm on 2nd March. 
Tickets here: Click here for Tickets

Thanks to the council's Lockdown Lives funding, tickets are just £2 with tea & cake provided. 
Anyone with queries can contact me directly at [email protected]
A previous participant said: 
“I didn't know quite what to expect from a grief circle, but [...] it was something that helped me and soothed me more than I realised I needed. 
The room was quiet and calm and it was special to be with other people who were hurt and grieving. I felt closer and my heart more open somehow to listen to the words that people said and realise that we are all grieving some of the time. It felt like a relief to spend time in a place where it was ok to be sad or angry and not hide it or apologise for it or try to solve it. 
The experience has really stayed with me and I would recommend anyone that has a little pull inside them to try coming along. [...] Beth who ran it made us all feel welcome and comfortable. It is an important thing I think to let ourselves have space and time to grieve. I think we should have grief circles everywhere.”

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