Approaching Thresholds

Jun 23, 2022

As we approach the relaunch of the Sacred Circle courses and the new website I am called to reflect on what happens before, during and after any major threshold. Who would have thought that a website launch could feel like a death and a birth but my goodness it has certainly been a labour through the underworld for me and the team. Whenever we have a deadline (the clue is the name) there is a finiteness to the task in hand that raises the stakes; the heat is ON! For those of us struggling with the Attention Deficit that is the ancestral legacy of the Industrial Revolution and the Wars of the 20th century then rather than having the desired effect of focussing the monkey mind this deadline was causing me and others to really struggle, strive and force ourselves to yoke our will to the Will of this work. But I am really grateful and glad that we have. It truly was a journey through the gates of the underworld, like Innana and while we sit here in front our laptops looking much like we did before we entered the underworld I assure you we are most definitely changed on the inside, I hope for the better! For me there came a point around 2 weeks before the launch where my brain just caught fire! I recognise this brain fire as a transformative force (when resisted it has brought me to burn out in the past but when embraced it is a reawakening); in the end I was forced by the brain fire to just surrender to the Team, to ask for as much support and love as possible and I wept through successive team calls as they rallied to organise the i dotting and t crossing. Do you know, we aren't even really THERE yet - we have the Intro course, the Journey with Death course, the Ceremony and Ritual retreats and the DOULA courses up and running - the online Ceremony and Ritual and the Community of Grief will follow later this year. The online communities will take some populating with content and enthusiasm before they become lively spaces that people wish to engage in. Lots and lots to do; and, of course, from August onwards we are actually DELIVERING these courses as well! Phew! But this deadline has served to drag us, through sleepless nights, mental breakdowns, wailing and gnashing of teeth at times... we emerge smiling. Because the ancestors of all the people who have been helped and who will be helped to live better, die better and mourn and be mourned most thoroughly... the Ancestors are driving this work and we couldn't have NOT endured this labour, because this precious offering to the world, is also mighty. (AGD 23/06/22)

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